Volunteering at Us

We are under the roof of a charity time association

We share the same goal to help our children live life to the fullest. 

Can I become a volunteer member?

T.R. Identification Number
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E-Mail Address
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Date of Birth
Work Adress
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In which field would you like to work as a volunteer at BIZ?

For commercial electronic messages to be sent by a Good Time Association;


I agree to work voluntarily in the fields that need me in "biz" with the short name of Bir Good Time Association, on the following conditions:

  • I will carry out my voluntary work in the work and activities determined by it, within the determined working days and hours, and I will not demand any rights or fees from "biz" in return for this work,
  • I will abide by the principles and rules that were transferred to me from "biz" during my volunteer work and determined by "biz",
  • Under the umbrella of "biz", language, religion, race, political thought, ethnicity, etc. I will always stay away from discriminatory discourses and actions about
  • I will not provide personal benefits by using the name "we", I will not accept gifts and donations on my behalf,
    I will not act in my volunteer work without the approval of "biz",
  • I will not sell the free "biz" publications to third parties for money,
  • I am personally responsible for the damage I have suffered/caused during my voluntary work,
  • While I am continuing my volunteer work, I will provide my assistance with the guidance of the responsible persons who accompany me in the studies.

Information: Any natural and legal person who has the capacity to act, adopts the aims and principles of the association and accepts to work in this direction and meets the conditions stipulated by the legislation can apply for Voluntary membership to this association.

The definition of “member” will only be used for legal members of a Good Time Association. All volunteer members in Biz are legally "Volunteer̈".

The information in the form is taken as a voluntary member registration and stored in the system. From the contact information in this record, documents and announcements are sent to the volunteer members via mail, sms and e-mail. Therefore, the contact information in the form must be up-to-date.

The file format must be .docx